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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to pay taxes on my order?
Taxation laws differ from state to state and from country to country. Digital products and services sold on and delivered electronically to customers may be subject to sales taxes.
CoDyPower requires the customer to select his/her country address in the FastSpring Checkout process to determine the applicable tax rate. This address is usually the customer's billing address, where the electronically delivered products are considered to be shipped. Taxes charged will be listed in the order details.
In most parts of the world, CoDyPower is legally required to charge the customer a transaction tax (such as sales tax or VAT). If we do not charge a transaction tax, the customer may still be liable to pay the tax himself (individuals are not tax-exempt).

How Sales Tax is Calculated?
The amount of tax charged on an order depends upon the destination of the delivery. The customer has to select his/her country address in the FastSpring Checkout process to determine the applicable tax rate. Taxes charged are automatically listed in the order details.

What is the meaning of "designated computer"?
This is the specific computer where the customer is going to run the toolboxes (in licenses QFTCT B and DeltaGrids toolbox).

What the "firstStep" file does?
As in cases QFTCT B and DeltaGrids toolbox the licenses sold to the customer are for a designated computer, when the customer runs the "firstStep" function in Matlab, a "XX1" file is created with the identification of the designated computer.

What is in the "XX1" file I have to submit to
The "XX1" file contains the identification of the designated computer where the toolboxes are going to run and the Matlab license. The customer needs to submit this file to in the Step 1 of the transaction.

And if I want to use the toolboxes in more than one computer (QFTCT B and DeltaGrids)?
As each license QFTCT B and DeltaGrids is for a designated computer, the customer needs to purchase an additional license for each additional computer. There are significant discounts depending on the number of licenses purchased. In the Step 1 of the transaction the customer needs to create the files "XX1", "XX2", "XX3", etc. (run the "firstStep" file in each computer) and submit all these "XX" files to The customer can purchase all the licenses in just one transaction (one Step 1, one Step 2 and one Step 3).

In cases QFTCT A and C, the license is for a network, allowing the use of the toolbox in many computers. In this cases, the customer only need to run Step 1 (and create the file XX1) in one computer of the network.

What happens if I change the Matlab version (QFTCT B and DeltaGrids)?
The toolboxes will run normally in the new Matlab version, as far as the toolboxes version is compatible with the new Matlab version. There is no need of a new "XX1" file. Just make sure that you work in the designated computer.

Should I need a special export / import license to purchase the toolboxes?
The CoDyPower QFT Control Toolbox and DeltaGrids Toolbox may be subject to U.S. export control laws or other (U.S. and non-U.S.) governmental export and import laws and regulations. It shall be Licensee's responsibility to comply with the latest United States or other governmental export and import regulations. As an example, these considerations are similar to the ones required to purchase the Matlab Toolboxes offered by MathWorks (see for instance the Control Systems Toolbox or the Robust Control Toolbox of Matlab).

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